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爱博网络彩票什么时候恢复_每日新闻播报(August 29)

2020-01-11 16:10:44

爱博网络彩票什么时候恢复_每日新闻播报(August 29)

爱博网络彩票什么时候恢复,us president donald trump attends a joint press conference with french president emmanuel macron (not seen) at the end of the g7 summit in biarritz, france, august 26, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>next g7 at trump's resort?


us president donald trump said on monday he would probably host next year's group of seven summit of the major industrialized countries at one of his own properties - the trump national doral golf resort near miami - but insisted he would not personally profit from the resort's selection. 美国总统特朗普26日表示,他可能会在自己名下的一处地产——迈阿密附近、位于佛罗里达州的特朗普国家多拉尔高尔夫度假村主办明年的主要工业化国家的七国集团首脑会议(g7峰会),但他坚称,自己不会从中获利。

the g7 countries take it in turn to stage the summit, often choosing locations that show off areas of natural beauty. g7国家轮流主办这一峰会,地点通常选在能展现自然美景的地方。

trump said the florida resort was a perfect choice, both due to its size and the fact it was just a five-minute drive from miami airport. 特朗普说,多拉尔高尔夫度假村是个完美的选择,因为它不仅规模适中,并且距离迈阿密机场只有五分钟的车程。

trump has attended three g7 summits, in italy, canada and france. 特朗普已经在意大利、加拿大和法国参加过三次g7峰会。

on each occasion, the meeting has been held far from any airport that can take his air force one plane, meaning he has had to be shuttled in by helicopter or by a smaller plane.每次会议的举行地点都离特朗普专机"空军一号"降落的机场很远,这意味着他必须再乘坐直升机或小型飞机前往会议地点。


>thinnest gold created


the newest form of gold created in a lab is the thickness of only two atoms, according to a new study. 一项新研究显示,实验室创造出的最新形式的黄金只有两个原子那么厚。

it's only 0.47 nanometers thick, which is one million times thinner than a human finger nail. 这种黄金厚度只有0.47纳米,还不及人类指甲的百万分之一。

the new gold is 2d as it is made up of two layers of atoms stacked on top of each other. 这种新型黄金是二维的,由重叠在一起的两层原子组成。

this makes it the thinnest unsupported gold ever created and it could be used in electronics and medical devices going forward. 这使其成为人类有史以来创造出的最薄的无支撑黄金,可应用到未来的电子和医疗设备中。

scientists suggest that the newest ultra-thin gold could be the foundation of artificial enzymes used in rapid medical diagnostic tests and even purification systems for water.科学家认为,这种新型超薄黄金还可以构成人工酶的基础,人工酶可应用于快速医疗诊断性检查,甚至水的净化系统中。

"this work amounts to a landmark achievement," said sunjie ye, study author and postdoctoral research fellow at the university of leeds' molecular and nanoscale physics group. "not only does it open up the possibility that gold can be used more efficiently in existing technologies, it is providing a route which would allow material scientists to develop other 2d metals. this method could innovate nanomaterial manufacturing."研究报告作者、利兹大学分子与纳米物理学小组博士后研究员叶孙洁(音译)表示:"该研究具有里程碑意义的成就。它不仅揭示黄金有可能在现有技术中得到更有效的利用,而且提供了一条途径,使材料科学家可以研发其他二维金属。这种方法可以带来纳米材料制造领域的创新。"

[photo/the paper]

>chinese culture in textbooks


traditional chinese culture is highlighted in the new textbooks on chinese, history and ideology and politics for senior high school students in the coming semester. 在即将到来的新学年里,新版高中语文、历史、思想政治教材将注重中华传统文化。

"the new chinese textbooks boast a selection of 67 classic works of ancient poetry and prose that account for 49.3% of all articles," said wen rumei, editor-in-chief of the new chinese textbooks, at a press conference held by the ministry of education on tuesday. 新版语文教材总主编温儒敏在27日教育部举行的新闻发布会上表示,新版语文教材共选入古诗文经典作品67篇(首),占全部课文数的49.3%。

"the ideology and politics textbooks offer a systematic exposition on traditional chinese culture, ranging from its origin, features and contemporary values to representative personages and important ideologies," said zhang yibin, editor-in-chief of the ideology and politics textbooks. 据思想政治教材总主编张异宾介绍,思想政治教材将从起源、特点、现代价值观、代表人物、重要思想等方面系统阐述中华传统文化。

the history textbooks will help students grasp the laws of history, pursue core socialist values and learn fine traditional chinese culture, said zhang haipeng, editor-in-chief of the history textbooks. 历史教材总主编张海鹏表示,历史教材将帮助学生掌握历史规律,追求社会主义核心价值观,学习中华优秀传统文化。

the new textbooks will be used by students in the first year of senior high schools in six provincial-level regions, including beijing, shanghai, hainan, liaoning, from the autumn semester and will cover students in all grades nationwide by 2022.自今秋新学年起,新教材将率先在北京、上海、海南、辽宁等六个省级地区高中的起始年级投入使用,全国各年级学生将在2022年前全部使用新教材。


>ctrip: 800m trips in oct


chinese citizens will make about 800 million trips to destinations at home and abroad during the upcoming national day holiday, according to a report from china's largest online travel agency, ctrip. 国内最大的在线旅行社携程发布的报告显示,在即将到来的国庆假期期间,赴国内外旅游目的地游玩的国人预计约达8亿人次。

chinese made 726 million domestic trips during last year's national day holiday, up 9.43% year-on-year. 去年国庆假期期间,全国共接待国内游客7.26亿人次,同比增长9.43%。

domestic tours will continue to boom this year as chinese people are more willing to travel in the homeland to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china. 由于国人更愿意在本土旅游来庆祝新中国成立70周年,今年国内游将持续增长。

chinese also will make millions of outbound trips during the holiday thanks to an increase in direct international flights and convenient visa policies. 由于国际直达航班的增多以及签证政策的便利,假期期间进行境外游的国人数量也将达数百万人次。

ctrip users have booked trips to 90 countries and regions through the online platform for the week-long holiday. 目前携程用户已通过该网上平台,为这个为期一周的假期预定前往90个国家和地区的行程。

first-tier cities, including shanghai, beijing and guangzhou, remained the largest sources of visitors while county-level cities marked faster growth in terms of tourist numbers. 上海、北京、广州等一线城市依然是最大的客源城市,县级城市的游客人数增速较快。

more than half of the travelers will be young people aged between 20 and 40, while nearly one-third of tourists will be children with their parents, the booking data showed.预订数据显示,超半数游客将是年龄在20-40岁之间的年轻人,近1/3的游客是有父母陪同的儿童。

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